Friday, August 22, 2008

Hip Hop High-Life For Sale

If you’re in the market for a house that lives large, check out the homes of hip-hop stars currently for sale. Some of these big names are just looking to move to a home that’s still more extravagant. Others have run up against the same hard times that have hit many of their fans. Here are the five hip-hoppers and the homes they are trying to unload:

  1. Suge Knight. After he filed for bankruptcy and lost control of his record company, Death Row Records founder Suge Knight's $6.2 million mansion went up for sale last year.
  2. Kanye West. The Grammy-winning rapper's six-bedroom, 35,000-square-foot Beverly Hills, Calif., mansion went up for sale six months ago for $8.7 million.
  3. Russell Simmons. The Saddle River, N.J., manse of producer Russell Simmons is for sale for $20 million.
  4. 50 Cent. Rapper 50 Cent's Farmington, Conn., 19-bedroom, 50,000-square foot mansion went on the market last year for $18.5 million.
  5. Scott Storch. The hip-hop producer's $10 million mansion is located on Miami Beach's exclusive, manmade Palm Island. Storch, recently hitless and two years delinquent on property taxes, is facing foreclosure.

Source: Forbes, Peter Hoy (08/18/08)

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