Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Call To A Quick & Easy Action

Below is a letter from the Sarasota Network for Climate Action ( Please read and take action.

You may have heard that Florida Power and Light has stopped the Sunshine Energy Program (which was designed to promote green energy with the extra $9.75 per month charged to willing FPL customers) since it has been recently revealed that most of this money went to marketing and administrative costs. Read about it here:

FPL is in hot water. So this looks like a good time to urge them to help us heat our own water—with energy from the sun. They need to follow the lead of a number of other U.S. power companies (e.g., TECO, OUC, JVA, and Progress) by establishing a rebate program for solar hot water systems.

So write to FPL now. A pile of real, stamped, through-the-mail letters may convince them. You can say something like this:

Mr. Armando Olivera, President
Florida Power & Light Company
700 Universe Blvd.
Juno Beach, FL 33408

Dear Mr. Olivera:
With the PSC's decision to cancel the Sunshine Energy Program, FPL has the opportunity to show the PSC and its customers that it is serious about renewable energy. I urge you to consider a well funded rebate program for the highly efficient, highly cost effective technology of solar hot water heaters.

In the sunshine state, we should be leaders in solar hot water heaters. FPL's solar hot water heater program in the 1980s was incredibly successful. Now is the time to reestablish that program and demonstrate a true commitment to efficiency and renewable energy.

Governor Crist has asked for 20% of the state's energy to come from renewable sources like wind, solar, biomass and geothermal by 2020. FPL has gone on record with agreeing with the 20% target, but not till 2030. You can move that up to match the governor's target.

Together we can do it. Give consumers a chance with a workable program for solar hot water heaters.

Thank you,

For more information on the Sarasota Network for Climate Action, visit Join today! Our friend Lee Hayes Byron's the boss lady!

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