Thursday, July 10, 2008

Free Trees!


Sarasota, FL: The City of Sarasota is looking for residents interested in participating in the Green Canopy Partnership Program. In the program, the City plants trees along the right-of-way of residents’ homes, as long as the residents pledge to water and care for the saplings until they take root. “It’s a true partnership between the City and residents. The City provides the trees and installation, and the residents agree to water them,” said Michele Mician, Sustainability Coordinator. There is no fee to participate in the program.

Since the program began in 2004, hundreds of trees have been purchased and planted by the City, then nurtured by residents. Recently, 31 crape myrtle trees were planted along 7th Street in Gillespie Park as part of the program. “We love them,” said Carmen Adcock, a resident who pledged to care for a tree. “We each have a tree in front of our house that we water according to the directions the City gave us,” said Adcock. Residents who participate in the program must sign a pledge sheet, agreeing to follow the watering guidelines given by City staff.

City of Sarasota arborists study a potential location and determine the right tree for that area. Available sunlight, overhead utility lines, and soil all play a role in determining what species is best suited in an area. Ultimately, the trees benefit the environment and residents’ property. “Trees give properties many value added benefits as well as helping the environment. Environmental benefits such as soil stabilization, increased wildlife habitat, and shade are just some of the valuable returns you can expect when you plant a tree,” said Mician.

The Green Canopy Partnership Program is funded through the Sarasota County penny surtax.
To have trees planted by autumn, residents must submit pledge forms by Fri., August 8, 2008. For more information on this unique program contact Neighborhood Services at 954-2612, or download a Green Canopy Partnership Program pledge form at


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