Thursday, March 8, 2007

All the Hype

Janelle & her husband decided to make an offer on a 2/2 condo in a 55+ community north of town. For Sale: furnished with an updated stainless steal kitchen, big screen tv & hurricane shutters, custom made. They liked the place a lot, enough to want to offer close to purchase price.

On the other side two realtors, the lister and the out-of-state seller, queried our offer... waiting with calculated intentions.

First, they crossed off a contingency.

We countered.

Then they questioned the language.

We countered again.

They budged by $2k.

The seller up north, with a broker's license, only understood the hype of our market's 30+% appreciation. He didn't believe in the crash rumor of deflating prices, excess construction, ballooning mortgages, cash-poor investors & vacant condos for sale. Instead, he remembered how the sun sets on Siesta, fudge from the Circle, Carmen at the Opera House, the Ringling Estate, knee-boarding through the intercoastal waterway, canoeing the Myakka, deep sea fishing in the gulf....

After all, this Wisconsiner was right: Sarasota truly is priceless.

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